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I want to thank everyone that voted for me, and supported me in my campaign. Together, we were able to get hundreds of votes without the financial support of businesses or political parties from outside of Burien. I will continue to be active in our community and bring issues to the table so that everyone will be represented.

At the moment, I am talking to other candidates to see who will be the best candidate to carry our ideas forward. I will announce my endorsements very soon. Thank you


Endorsement for Alex Sikmus

After talking to both candidates, I came to realize that both Sarah and Alex are very likeable and I would love to have both candidates represent Burien. Deciding who to endorse was a very difficult decision for me. I wish both of them the best of luck, and expect them to fulfill their campaign promises if they win; and if they don't, I hope they continue to be involved and be part of the changes that the city of Burien is about to endure in the years to come.


Both Sarah and Alex had good ideas regarding safety, housing affordability, and transit options in Burien. But when questioned in person, Sarah was much more evasive in her answers, while Alex was able to give me concrete answers and examples; and he did so quickly, clearly, and with enthusiasm and lots of passion.

Alex is very concerned about safety in Burien. He talked about how drug use can be devastating to people's lives and their communities, and it must be addressed with both punishment and drug addiction services. He mentioned that we need transportation and public services in other parts of the city like north Burien, which is an issue that is very important to me. He talked about rezoning certain areas to allow multi-family, duplex or just smaller lots that will allow more houses on the same lot. This will also increase the values of most properties, and will bring more money to the city in permits for new developments.


Although Sarah and Alex are both great candidates, I think that Alex is the superior choice and I encourage my supporters to vote for Alex Sikmus. Alex talked to me about separating his personal beliefs from “The Will of the People” and how he understands that the opinions of Burien should take priority over his personal beliefs when it comes to policy making. Alex is not a part of a squad and his only loyalty is to the needs of Burien and its people, not to any endorsements towards his campaign. Alex is passionate, but I also believe that he will be responsive to the needs of our city and its people.

I chose to endorse Alex Simkus because he was more settled on his answers and has a stronger personality which will be needed in order to push changes in the city. I have been to numerous city meetings and I see the battles that go on. I know Alex will not back down from the battle. Alex is passionate, principled, and I believe he will be able to fight for what Burien needs.

I am proud to support Alex Sikmus for Burien City Council #5

Después de hablar con ambos candidatos, me di cuenta de que tanto Sarah como Alex son muy agradables y me encantaría que ambos candidatos representaran a Burien. Decidir a quién respaldar fue una decisión muy difícil para mí. Les deseo a ambos la mejor de las suertes y espero que cumplan sus promesas de campaña si ganan; y si no lo hacen, espero que sigan involucrados y sean parte de los cambios que la ciudad de Burien está a punto de sufrir en los próximos años.

Tanto Sarah como Alex tenían buenas ideas con respecto a la seguridad, la acsesabilidad de la vivienda y las opciones de tránsito en Burien. Pero cuando se le preguntó en persona, Sarah fue mucho más evasiva en sus respuestas, mientras que Alex fue capaz de darme respuestas y ejemplos concretos; y lo hizo con rapidez, claridad, entusiasmo y mucha pasión.

Alex está muy preocupado por la seguridad en Burien. Habló sobre cómo el consumo de drogas puede ser devastador para la vida de las personas y sus comunidades, y debe abordarse con castigo y servicios de adicción a las drogas. Mencionó que necesitamos transporte y servicios públicos en otras partes de la ciudad como el norte de Burien, lo que es muy importante para mí. Habló sobre la rezonificación de ciertas áreas para permitir lotes multifamiliares, dúplex o simplemente más pequeños que permitirán más casas en el mismo lote. Esto también aumentará el valor de la mayoría de las propiedades y traerá más dinero a la ciudad en permisos para nuevos desarrollos.

Aunque Sarah y Alex son grandes candidatos, creo que Alex es la mejor opción y animo a mis seguidores a votar por Alex Sikmus. Alex me habló sobre separar sus creencias personales de “La voluntad del pueblo” y cómo las opiniones de la gente en Burien deben tener prioridad sobre sus creencias personales cuando se trata de la formulación de polízas. Alex no es parte de un escuadrón y su única lealtad es hacia las necesidades de Burien y su gente, no hacia ningún respaldo hacia su campaña. Alex es muy apasionado, y también creo que responderá a las necesidades de nuestra ciudad y su gente.

Elegí respaldar a Alex Simkus porque estaba más asentado en sus respuestas y tiene una personalidad más fuerte que será necesaria para impulsar cambios en la ciudad. He estado en numerosas reuniones de la ciudad y veo las batallas que continúan. Sé que Alex no se echará atrás en la batalla. Alex es apasionado, tiene principios y creo que podrá luchar por lo que Burien necesita.

Estoy orgullosa de apoyar a Alex Sikmus para la silla del Ayuntamiento de Burien # 5


City Council #1

No Endorsement

In the city council race for position 1, I see problems with both candidates running and after careful consideration, I will not be endorsing anyone for this race at this moment.

I believe Martin Barrett understands that police response times are important especially in “at risk neighborhoods”. While I appreciate that he wants to support our police force. I think that a strong police force is just one part of a bigger solution that includes services to get people off the streets and education funding to prevent kids from becoming criminals.

It is also disappointing to me that Mr. Barrett does not have rezoning areas for multi-family housing as part of his platform; and after talking to him, I got the sense that he has no plans to see anything like that happening in Burien. Mr. Barrett did mention that he wasn't educated on the subject, and wanted to avoid unintended consequences.

Hugo understands the housing and safety issues in our city. But my impression of him is that he is a politician, an urbanist who brings big city ideas from Seattle, and unfortunately short sighted. I brought up that areas outside of downtown Burien and minority economic centers are ignored by our government. Despite not being my opponent, Hugo took time to disagree with me and accused me of wanting to move services away from businesses and out of sight. Hugo will support and defend his allies, and squad; and I don't know if he will defend and support Burien in the same way. The best politicians are not politicians, and I don't trust him.

The fact is that Burien needs more transit options, access to fresh food, additional public services, and more minority business support outside of downtown Burien. We also need additional affordable housing options, and only relying on private developers is not enough. I hope whoever wins takes this to heart and will do the best thing for Burien.

Hands Up

Georgette Reyes
Hears You

Connecting all Communities

Georgette Reyes moved to Burien in 1999 seeking new opportunities and to build a home for herself and her three sons. In the past 22 years, she has seen Burien undergo many changes. She is excited to be give back to her community in the role of a city councilperson.
Georgette works freelance as an interpreter, providing assistance to doctors, nurses, patients, and Burien social services. She is a fighter and is proud to fight for the social rights, educational opportunities, safety, and housing opportunity of the people in her community regardless of their background.
She volunteers her time helping folks from disadvantaged backgrounds navigate the court system, available social services, and access to health care. Georgette is very proud of her ability to listen, and is looking forward to reaching out to people in her community and making sure that everyone feels that they are represented and heard by their local government.


Why Your Vote Counts

Regardless of your political affiliation. Georgette believes that everyone should have a voice in their local government. If you are not registered to vote. I strongly encourage to do so. The biggest changes happen on a local level, and everyone regardless of their background should have a say in their local community.



Thank you for your interest in my campaign. I want to make sure that you are being listened to, and that I hear you. If you have any questions about my campaign or issues related to Burien. Feel free to contact me. I will be delighted to speak with you.

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